Procaine   Cas number:59-46-1  Molecular Formula: C13H20N2O2 


Procaine Cas number:59-46-1 Molecular Formula: C13H20N2O2 

Short Description:

Cas number: 59-46-1

Chemical Name:Procaine

Molecular Formula:C13H20N2O2

Synonyms:2-(Diethylamino)ethyl 4-aminobenzoate;2-(Diethylamino)ethyl p-aminobenzoate;2-(diethylamino)ethylp-aminobenzoate;2-diethylaminoethyl4-aminobenzoate;2-Diethylaminoethylester kyseliny p-aminobenzoove;2-diethylaminoethylesterkyselinyp-aminobenzoove;2-diethylaminoethylp-aminobenzoate;4-Aminobenzoic acid diethylaminoethyl ester

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Melting Point 61°
Density 1.0604 (rough estimate)
storage temp Inert atmosphere,Room Temperature 2-8°C
solubility DMSO (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
optical activity  N/A
Appearance  White Powder
Purity ≥98%


Procaine is a local anesthetic with a para-amino function. Sensitization mainly concerns medical, dental and veterinary professions.

usage and dosage

Procaine (Novocain) is mainly used in dental or medical procedures requiring infiltration anesthesia, peripheral block, or spinal block.


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